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All adults are challenged to know what to say or read to youngsters to guide them into healthy development. In Tusky's Big Decision, Dr. Kenneth R. Greenberg brings great sagacity to a story that deals with numerous childhood issues, especially relationships with others.

Using a cute little elephant and other animal characters, creatively illustrated by Allison King, and countless metaphoric and symbolic cues, adults and children of all ages will be intrigued and entertained, while learning about how to cope with modern life (the characters live in a jungle). Actions and emotions in sibling relations are highlighted, as the story teaches about sharing, conflict resolution, coping, danger, mistakes, evil, and honesty. The ultimate theme is the importance of love between family and friends. Subtle techniques, like relaxation training, are interwoven throughout the story. Discussion questions are suggested to help the child's ability to solve problems.

As a professor and psychologist working with children and families, and having read this story to the children in my own family, I believe that this book provides an important resource for cultivating child development. Bravo to Dr. Greenberg!

Robert H. Woody, Ph.D. JD
Professor of Psychology
University of Nebraska at Omaha

Tusky's Big Decision is an educational and enjoyable story for children, parents, and educators. It affords the reader an opportunity to be interactive with a child. The questions that follow each chapter are thought-provoking and helpful in encouraging communication between the reader and child/children. The story provides a number of teachable moments on important topics, such as decision-making, jealousy, honesty, sibling rivalry, what can happen when we fail to anticipate consequences, courage, the importance of family and friendships, problem-solving, and more. Children can relate to Tusky's dilemmas as he learns how to overcome jealousy towards his sister.

Nancy Fiallo, M.Ed. NCC
Counselor, Magruder High School
Rockville, Md.

Tusky’s Big Decision is an innovation in picture storybooks. My husband and I take turns reading to our children every night. Mike is 6 and Theresa is 8. Unlike most picture storybooks that I see in bookstores, this is a full length, chapter story with lessons that all young children and their parents will appreciate. I probably liked it as much, if not more, than my children. They could relate to the problem Tusky was having with his sister. They expressed concern over his decision to run away from home, and were worried when he was kidnapped.. I particularly enjoyed it when the two of them snuggled up to me as I read to them and they enjoyed taking turns responding to the questions after each chapter. The occasional humor was refreshing. We are fans of Tusky and look forward to the next Tusky story.

Betty Bond
Former Teacher and mother of two children